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Mike Taylor
Mike Taylor

Mike was raised to the degree of Master Mason on May 6, 2009 in Evansville Lodge #64, raised to 32nd degree Mason on April 26, 2008 in the Scottish Rite.

Born October 30, 1964, Mike was raised by his mother and grandmother, two very strong and independent women. Mike grew up in the downtown area of Evansville his entire life and still lives in the historic Akin Park district today with his wife, Charla, and is blessed with three children, Chasity, Miachel and Nicholas and two very spoiled dogs,   Miley Noodles and Jack.

Mike recalls many days as a child the great Hadi parades downtown when the Shriners filled the streets with motorcycles, horses, gocarts, and everything a child could imagine "never knowing that someday"!

As an older Culver school kid and a 1983 graduate of Bosse
High School, Mike has an Associates Degree and a Masters License in the HVAC industry. Mike is very proud to be a Shriner and is fascinated by the history of Evansville and the Shrine.

He was President of the Directors Staff in 2008, Director of Hadi in 2009, Mariner of the Year in 2007 & 2009, Director of the Year in 2009, Member of the Directors Staff, Hadi Mariners, Hadi Car Club, Swords of Bunker Hill, and Order of Hayakawa.

Mike challenges all Shriners to get involved and active in your temple "make a difference, it's for life."

Dr. Harold Blake Walker once stated, "What you have given and will give to the work of the Shriner Hospitals, you will have to the end of time, it will live in the lives of children, walking through life with the sun in their faces, their twisted bodies made straght, and their eyes alight with the promise of years. After all, a child if more precious than the gold of Ophir."

My journey through the Shrine is in Honor of the late Harold Evans.